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Comments on Blogs

New to the TDC CMS is the ability to have comments on your blog posts.

For someone to comment they have to register with your site first, this should cut down on spam comments.

If I find there is a demand for anonymous comments without registration I will probably implement this, but for the time being, if you want this upgrade, please let me know.

Other news

I have added a new tag 5990

All it does is pull the page count total already gathered and displays it, so for example this blog entry has been viewed 5990 times.

Future upgrades

Next on the list is a statistics generator, something along the lines of statcounter but actually built into your site so you do not have to rely on a third party company. As they say in the movies.

Watch This Space

Posted by Peter on Tue 1st Apr 2008 11:58:00
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Last Modified on Tue 1st Apr 2008 12:10:18

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