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Websites by TempleDene

Welcome to TempleDene Consultants, providing websites as a service.

You're busy with your business, and we understand. The last thing you need with a new website is to be handed the keys and be expected to learn fiddly technical stuff yourself.

With TempleDene, we do all of that for you. All you need to do is tell us what words and pictures you need, and we'll make it sparkle. In addition, our flat-rate support and maintenance fee guarantee that changes to your website will not result in surprise "hidden fees".

You worry about running your business, we've got your website covered.

We offer a complete package of design, administration and maintenance of your website all rolled up into one easy-to-manage annual fee. While you use our services, you can remain confident that:

  • We won't charge extra for your site design
  • We won't charge extra for edits and corrections
  • We won't charge extra for changes
  • We won't charge extra for setting up email accounts
  • We won't charge extra for hosting
  • We don't charge extra for updating your website system

Because you need

  • Great Design
  • Professional Service
  • Predictable Costs
  • Peace of Mind

All on a content management system that is

  • Fast
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fully compliant with web standards
  • Fully compliant with accessibility recommendations
  • Cross browser compatible.

Find out what we can do for you!

For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us now.

Tel: 0113 350 4107
Email : sales@templedene.co.uk

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