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Portfolio and Testimonials

We have a few websites we have designed which we'd like to show off. All links open in a new window or tab.

Head Office Salons

Head Office Salons IconHead Office Salons based in Crossgates, Leeds, is a perfect example of a small local business website. It features our dynamic opening times modules which includes highlighting the current day and informing customers quickly if the salon is open or closed, and if it is closed, when it will next be open. The opening times panel can be placed on any page or multiple pages and is maintained from the admin panel.

The database driven price list makes it simple to update prices from one option in the admin panel.

We have also embedded a picture stream from the Head Office Salon facebook page so the owner, Claire, can update her facebook page and website simultaneously.

Travelling Music Teachers

Travelling Music Teachers IconTravelling Music Teachers are a business specialising in in-home music lessons in the Washington DC area. Their new website is a clean open design and is already drawing interest and queries for lessons, to a point where they are starting to recruit new tutors. Quite a success story.

Mr Charney, from Travelling Music Teachers, had this to say about us.

"Templedene Associates are committed to providing the best service possible whilst investing in the utmost care and creativity in order to ensure customer satisfaction and results. It is more than evident that improving and servicing websites is not just a job for Templedene; it is a passion and love for the trade that truly makes them stand above the rest. Introducing Templedene to Travelling Music Teachers, our family-owned music company in the D.C. area, was the best business decision for our company, as we are now seeing a considerable improvement in business enquiries and exposure on the internet. Without question I would recommend Templedene to anyone."

Travelling Music Teachers Facebook Review

Beading Lovely

Beading Lovely IconBeading Lovely is a jewellery supplier who are using out new e-commerce system, designed to be easy to use and simple to administer, the website is beginning to bring in customers.

A simple tagging system means it's very easy to create new stock items then assign them to tags to enable them to be grouped into several different categories simultaneously. Conversely it is very quick and easy to assign stock items to a tag, making it a fast way to publish a collection of stock in response to requirements.

The stock control system makes moving stock around to different and even multiple locations quick and easy.


Way2paye IconWay2paye has just had a re-design as part of their contract, this is built into the annual contract every client has.

The site uses our content management system and makes full use of a number of features of our content management system to make the website work. Karen of Way2paye has this to say about us:-
More than happy to recommend Pete at Templedene, having used them for 12 years we are extremely pleased with the professional and friendly service received.

Do It Later.biz

Do It Later.bizDo It Later.biz is a to do list manager we designed to use ourselves, it makes it easy to manage your daily workload by keeping a small list of things "to do" in the next hour while knowing other tasks will pop up later.

Newman Parish

newman parish iconA large parish website (circa 1200+ pages), this well established site shows off the event guide to great effect and makes use of a large number of the content management system to keep parishioners informed as to what's going on within the parish.

Archived Sites

These are site we designed in the past which, for one reason or another are no longer in business or no longer in use.

St. Theresa's Church

Church Site IconThe first and original site to use our Content Management System, this site is now archived. It does show however, a thriving community website with an extensive archive of material.

Bespoke Wood Flooring

Bespoke Wood IconThis site was built for a wood flooring company who have unfortunately since closed. This demo site is non functional and simple here to show off the design. We have removed the full phone number and replaced the clients text with "Lorem Ipsum" text.

Imaginative Imaging

Imaginative ImagingThis brochure site was created for a local photographer who since ceased to trade. It is included as we rather liked the design.

Other Clients

Beyond our Portfolio we also have a number of clients we have worked with to do bespoke work for their existing sites.

Reflecting Yarns

Reflecting YarnsReflecting Yarns asked for technical assistance setting up their e-commerce site, as we have many years experience. Suzi from Reflecting Yarns said on facebook:-

"Just sending you some love from us to you! :) Thank you so much for all the help. You are really brilliant!"

Reflecting Yarns Facebook Review

Not Just Pink

Not Just Pink IconNot Just Pink are a German children's clothing retailer.

TempleDene has installed various extra features to the site, such as: Affiliate marketing integration with Belboon and Web Gains
Development of various reports for the administration.
The ability to cross sell products

The Dream Bag France

The Dreambag France IconThe Dream Bag France is the sole distributor in France for baby sleeping bags.

TempleDene has installed various extra features to the site. Various new reports and a newly designed invoice to match the despatch packaging.

The Dream Bag Germany

The Dreambag Germany IconThe Dream Bag Germany is the sole distributor in Germany for baby sleeping bags. From our reputation with the Dream Bag France we were recommended to their business associates in Germany.

TempleDene has installed various extra bespoke features to the site.
New reports and a complete multi invoicing system to make this busy site more cost effective. This includes picking and packaging lists to aid in the warehouse.

Perfectly Gorgeous

Perfectly Gorgeous IconPerfectly Gorgeous is a handmade jewellery manufacturer. For them TempleDene did various modifications to the code of the store and some SEO analysis and modifications.

Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression IconDealing with depression are a voluntary led support website for people with depression, and their family and friends, to exchange views and get valuable advice.

TempleDene has assisted them with :-
  • Graphic design
  • Database updates and transfers
  • Installation of forum software
  • Site maintenance.

And we remain on call and in contact regularly with the volunteers to help support the technical side of running this busy website.

Knot Just Jigs

Knot Just Jigs IconKnot Just Jigs is a toy store specialising in wooden toys and educational items.

For this client TempleDene has done various code modifications to the store itself, and support work when problems have occurred.

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