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TempleDene Consultants websites come with a number of valuable, powerful and flexible features for your convenience.

Fully Integrated

Each module of the TempleDene content management system is fully integrated, this means one login to manage every part of your site. You can place elements of each module anywhere. No more untidy directories, and multiple passwords. One System - Everywhere

Easy Page Maintenance

Every page of your TempleDene Consultants website can be managed with our Page Maintenance interface, this flexible system uses a variation of BB Code which is familiar to many people, and easy to learn. The same system is consistent across every aspect of the site, so you can add menu items, move them to an archive or delete them, you can add case studies, and uniquely (we believe) to us, you can produce complex multi-page articles with auto indexing of the Table of Contents.

Menu Manager

Any article, blog entry or user comment on your site can be added to any one of up to 9 different menus all easily managed from your admin panel.

TDC E-Commerce system

The TempleDene E-Commerce system is new, and therefore can take advantage of our developers many years of experience with other, older E-Commerce systems. We took the best ideas from all of them and stirred in some TempleDene ideas that are new.

It includes:-
  • A quick and easy menu creator.
  • Product Tagging (you can quickly and easily add products to a tag for a "winter collection" or one day sale for example)
  • Stock Control (including being able to mark stock as "on eBay" and other sites)
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • A Powerful Image Manager.
  • Voucher Codes
  • Paypal Compatible Payment Processing
  • Multiple P&P Options

Event Diary

The powerful events diary will take and display your upcoming events, it can easily handle multiple repeat events, and can also alert users of your site by e-mail at a time of their choice before the event happens, it will also alert interested users to the fact that an event date, time or details has changed.

Link Manager

Our easy to use links manager allows you to simply and easily create links on your links page, you can categorise the links into different sections and the two column display automatically balances the columns to a "best fit", links can be moved to different categories and you can optionally allow visitors to your website to add links themselves (subject to your approval) The links created are processed to count how many times people click through them, so you can have a "Top Ten Links" section if you require it.

Search Engine Friendly pages

Instead of creating internal links that look like


The CMS generates links that look like


which makes search engines happier, makes the links more human readable, and makes it easier for you to know which pages are being read when you look at your stats in programs like statcounter or google analytics etc.

Full W3C XHMTL 1.0 compatibility

Every customer facing page is completely compatible with the XHMTL 1.0 (Strict) web standard. We also conform to the CSS level 2.1 web standard for style sheets. All websites are tested in a variety of browsers to ensure cross browser compatibility. We work to the strictest accessibility guidelines. (why does this matter?)

Guest book

Our guest book is designed with privacy in mind, someone signing a TempleDene Consultants guest book can do so secure in the knowledge that if they supply an e-mail address it is secure behind our mail-form system so the address supplied is ONLY known to you, the site owner, and cannot be harvested by spammers. Using some clever "intelligent design" our Guest Book system can tell the difference between spam and genuine Guest Book entries 99.9% of the time.


Every member of your site can have their own blog, a useful way for band members to communicate with fans, or for staff to blog about new stock, or their hobbies, or anything you want. Creating blog entries is as simple as any other part of a TDC website, using our advanced take on the BB Code tag set. What is a blog? learn more


Keep your customers, clients or members involved with a TempleDene forum, using the same easy interface, and fully integrated with your site, our forum provides a great way for interested parties to keep in contact, make general enquiries, and become closer to you. Useful for Bands, Community Groups and much more.

Availability Calendar

Suitable for companies owning a number of holiday rental cottages or caravans, or just the sole owner of one property, the availability calendar allows your prospective customers to quickly and easily see when your property is free to rent.

Timed Publishing/Removal of articles

This additional module allows you to specify a date for an article to appear on your website. This means you can prepare future announcements or information before hand then the system automatically publishes it on the relevant date.

The module also allows you to specify a date for removal of an article, for example job vacancy articles can automatically expire and be removed from the site on a set date.

The only way to really experience how easy a TempleDene Consultants website is to manage is to try it for yourself, contact us for an online demo.

Alternatively, included in your annual fee is our management service, simply send us a document and tell us which part of your website it is to either be added to or replace, and we do the hard part for you. (please note this does not cover managing e-shops and forums)

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