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Website Prices

When you buy a TempleDene Consultants website your annual fee covers hosting, license of the content management system and full support of your site. If you have the relevant packages we also undertake to manage your site as and when you require it, adding events for example, or new articles and pages. (Read why we charge an annual fee.)

Find out how our Website Design Process prgresses when you first take a contract with TempleDene.

We do not routinely manage e-commerce sites, although we will happily help you set up, and show you how to put stock on to your site and what you need to do to run the shop once it's up and running.

We do not manage forums, but we can, for an additional fee, moderate your forum for a set period of time to help you get it up and running.

Fixed Price Packages for Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Compare our three fixed price packages suitable for sole trader and small businesses (circa 10 employees) Larger businesses tend to require more resources and support, so we would prefer to do tailored quotes in those cases.

Packages →
Features ↓
£249 p/a
£499 p/a
£899 p/a
Unlimited BandwidthYYY
Number of Pages
(a "page" is 300 words or less)
Responsive Design
(works on all devices, smartphone,
tablet, computer etc.)
We will contact you regularly
Every 2 monthsEvery MonthEvery 2 Weeks
Website Content UpdatesBasic
(up to 5 per year)
(up to 15 per year)
(up to 30 per year)
System UpdatesYYY
Performance ReportsXAnnuallyQuarterly
Special Features
Event Diary
Link Page
Facebook Feed
Price Lists
XPick TwoAny/All
"Private" PagesXXY


E-commerce websites need a little more detail to get accurate quotes, they start from around £100 per annum when added on to a standard or premium package, but we can add a lot of service extras to assist you if you need them, please contact us to discuss it.

Sample Quotes

The following are some sample quotes we have prepared for businesses. Obviously the business names have been removed.

Business Small Enterprise Content Management Web Site

The TempleDene Small Enterprise package is ideal for sole traders and small businesses who are wanting a web presence utilising our easy to use and powerful content management system. With design and installation covered in your contract, along with comprehensive support, you can be confident your website will always display the most relevant current information for web visitors.

Our Business Small Enterprise Class websites include:-
  • TempleDene Content Management System with system updates.
  • Design and Installation (we will initially create up to 20 pages, you will be able to add more yourself)
  • Business card design. (for 1 name)
  • Content optionally managed by us
  • Access to the admin panel to edit your site yourself (you can add as many additional pages as you require.)
  • Forum, email and MSN based support.
  • Instruction manual in electronic format.

For us to manage your content you simply need to e-mail us the amended content, with instructions as to where it should go, we will then add it to your site within 48 hours.

Approximately £999 p/a depending on options selected.

Business Professional Content Management Web Site

The TempleDene Business Professional package is ideal for the larger business who may want to involve themselves in some aspects of their website content, but prefer to leave all the technical issues to the professionals. We assist with everything from design to content writing, and maintain a social web presence on the social networking sites facebook, mySpace (if relevant) and twitter to keep your business profile in the eyes of current and potential clients.

By keeping in close contact with a Business Professional client we ensure that your site is always performing well, is up to date, and that any issues are identified and dealt with in a prompt and timely manner.

Our Business Professional Class websites include:-
  • TempleDene Content Management System with system updates.
  • Design and Installation (unlimited pages)
  • Business card design and print (3 names, 500 each)
    Letter head design and print. (500 sheets A4)
  • Content optionally managed by us
  • Continual monitoring of your site for performance in search engines.
  • Regular (weekly) conference calls to make sure your site is performing to your satisfaction and discuss any issues.
  • Social Networking:-
    • Facebook page set-up and regular updates.
    • MySpace (if applicable) set-up and updates.
    • Blog updates.
    • (for Social Networking updates we will need a general idea of what you want said)
  • Access to the admin panel to edit your site yourself (you can add as many additional pages as you require.)
  • Forum, email, Telephone and MSN based support.
  • Instruction manual in printed and electronic format.

Approximately £5,999 p/a depending on options selected.

Forum Moderation

To help you get your TDC forum up and running we can supply an experienced forum moderator who will be on hand on a day to day basis to help you along, and assist you in running your forum as you get used to it.
1 Months Forum Management : £300.00

We can offer additional services, such as bespoke modifications and bespoke programming, contact us for a quote.

We accept payment by Cheque or Bank Transfer.

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