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Box Outs - What are they?

What is a Box Out

This is a full box out, it has both a header and footer element. The term comes from magazine publishing where you often see extra information in boxes to the left or right of page.
Footer notes
Boxes (or box outs) can be used for all sorts of things, we use them on our portfolio page and for extra information on pages like the support page you found this article on.

I have placed some examples down the right hand side of this article to show you what they look like.

A box is styled when your site is designed, all you have to do is create a box top and box bottom tag surrounding the text you want to place in the box out.

Start a box iconYou start a box by clicking the "Start a Boxout" icon (see left). You are prompted to enter L, R or N to determine your box to be to the Left or Right of the page or to to be "No Wrap" which stops text flowing round the box. You are prompted next for the box width and finally for some optional text for the header. You will see inserted in your text something like:-

[BOX=L,200,Header Text]

This box has no header or footer elements, it could be useful for a list of links for example.
You can them add whatever text, pictures, links or special tags following this box tag. Anything can go in a box out.

Close a Box iconClose your box by clicking the close box icon (see left), you are prompted to add optional text for the footer of the box.

Footer text

Please note if you are omitting text for either the header or footer of the box out you must still include everything else e.g. a blank box header would still need L, R or N and a width.

(note the last comma HAS to be there)

You are a little limited as to which tags can go in both box header and footer elements, in general most formatting options can be used but some tags may cause the page to display wrongly, we are working on version two of the display manager to correct this.

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