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Spam Proofing

TempleDene CMS has always been fairly impervious to spam. All email addresses are concealed from public view so they cannot be harvested by spammers. Email to site members is conducted through contact forms.

The guest book and mail form also had a number of measures to detect if someone posting was human or a bot.

However the measures in place were only catching maybe 80% of spam posts and messages.

After several days of new coding and new techniques (which if I revealed them here would give the game away and possibly allow spam to get back through) I am now confident I am catching 99.9% of spam attempts to both the guest book and the mail form.

These changes are currently under test and will be rolled out to all clients as soon as I am confident they are working correctly.

Posted by Peter on Wed 20th Feb 2008 16:41:18
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