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Are you losing 3 in 10 sales due to failed cross browser compatibility?

The Internet was designed so anyone, using any browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.) should see any website pretty much the same. The problem is that each browser handles things slightly differently, with the worst culprit generally thought to be IE in all it's incarnations. With a little extra effort, a good web designer can ensure websites they design work across the board. Unfortunately some designers work to the most popular browser and ignore the rest, with the result being that sites they design work well in IE but fail to display properly (or in some cases, at all) when visited using something different.

Cross browser compatibility - Why is it important

Making sure your website works with all browsers has always been the best way to go, but is becoming more and more important as IE loses market share to alternatives. As this latest report from Net Applications shows, Internet Explorer now only has about 70% market share.

What you HAVE to ask yourself is, if someone finds your website using Firefox, Opera or some other browser and it displays badly, or doesn't work properly, will they switch to IE to view it? or simply move on. People use other browsers for many reasons, and most people WILL simply move on to another site and ignore yours.

Putting it bluntly

CAN YOU AFFORD to lose 3 in 10 visitors simply because your site was badly designed?

Naturally, any site created by TempleDene Web Design is designed to work in every browser, we put that extra effort in to make sure you never lose a visitor, a potential sale, just because your site is badly made.

Posted by Peter on Mon 29th Sep 2008 13:28:46
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