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Standards Compliance

I am pleased to announce that the TempleDene site itself is now fully compliant with both XHTML v1.0 (strict) and w3c AAA rating. This is of course using our own TDC CMS.

We used Total Validator to check for w3c AAA compliance. Obviously an automated check for w3c AAA rating is not foolproof, but it is a major achievement.

It was always an important aim to make sure TempleDene sites would be fully validated to both standards, we were always "almost there" and a recent push has removed all the last little niggles. Now the task of rolling out these changes to client sites will begin.

Naturally these changes are built into the TDC CMS so future clients can be assured their sites will meet the same exacting standards our own site now does.

Posted by Peter on Sun 29th Mar 2009 16:33:38
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Last Modified on Sun 29th Mar 2009 16:33:38

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