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E: sales@templedene.co.uk Tel : 0113 350 4107Tel : 0113 350 4107 Mob : 07977 023 190Mob : 07977 023 190

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Tel : 0113 350 4107Tel : 0113 350 4107

Mob : 07977 023 190Mob : 07977 023 190

Email : Peter Freeman (Opens email form)

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TempleDene Consultants
38 Marshall Terrace
LS15 8EA

Please note, we cannot accept visitors to our office as we work from home and do not have suitable facilities or the right sort of insurance to welcome clients. We will happily meet you at your own place of business or some other suitable location.

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Please note TempleDene Consultants works family friendly hours so we deal with sales and general queries between the hours of 9:30 to 3:30 Monday - Friday. We also are not always in the office, always ring to make an appointment first.

Technical support is available out of hours for emergencies only.

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