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How to use the ARTICLES tag

When you create an article for your website you will notice a drop down list of groups to place articles in.

You can use these groups along with the tag to create pages like our support page, with lists of articles relevant to that page automatically included within the text.

With some forethought you can set up a number of relevant groups, and with use of the tag you can really make the most of your website.

The articles tag syntax is as below :-


{howmany} is simply how many articles you want displaying, set to 0 if you want every articles that matches to display.

MIN : is just the articles title.
FULL : also gives you the time and date the article was written, who wrote it and how many times it has been read.
VER : Same as FULL but also includes the [PRECIS] text if available

NAME : uses the next parameter as the name of an author, and this will display only articles by that author.
CAT : uses the next parameter as the name of a category, and this will display only articles in that category.

Example 1

As an example, on the TempleDene site we created a group called “How To” which we use to keep articles like this one together. On you menu we created a Support page then, in the text of that page we included the articles tag something like this :-


This tag then automatically displays the latest 20 articles from that group (indicated by CAT), updating automatically whenever a new article is published.

For neatness sake we then put that list of articles in a box out.

Example 2

You can also specify articles by a particular author :-


You can use the articles tag anywhere on your site, in fact you could even use it within an article, blog post, or in a forum post.

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