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Finders Fee Offer

TempleDene is offering a finders fee to anyone who refers a new client to us, who subsequently proceeds to purchase our services. This will be dependant on the package they pick. For a small website it would be around £30.

We would offer it as a straight percentage, but that risks breaching client confidentiality. Larger sites attract a higher payment to you.

To qualify for your finders fee you must abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. TempleDene Consultants will pay a "finders fee" for all referrals which result in a completed new client contract.
  2. Payment will be made only once the new client has paid in full.
  3. You do have to do a little work for your money. The new client must contact us, Your job is to persuade them to do so. No fee is paid for cold sales leads.
    (e.g. "Ring x they want a website" is not a suitable reference.)
  4. There is no limit, for each new paid up client you receive payment, the more clients you get for TempleDene, the more you could earn!
  5. The new client MUST mention they were referred by you. We will ask where they have been referred from, which will give the new client the opportunity to mention who referred them to us. We will do our absolute best to try to link up up refers to referees. The more information you give us when you tell us who you have referred to us the better.
  6. You MUST let us know via this email form, before the new client contacts us, that they will be doing so. We reserve the right not to apply Finders Fees retrospectively. (please note, you will be signed up for our referees mailing list by doing this. We will keep you informed of new offers etc.)
  7. The person mentioned by a new client is the rightful claimant of the finders fee. If they mention more than one referrer only the first name they mention will apply.
  8. TempleDene Consultants reserves the right to refuse a finders fee payment if we believe our terms and conditions have been abused.

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