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Empty Tables

Ever noticed how a quiet restaurant will try and seat you near the front or in the window? There's a good reason for that, a restaurant which looks empty will be passed over by people looking for somewhere to eat. The theory goes, if no-one else is eating there the food can't be great.

In a similar way your website is like that restaurant, if the content on it isn't up to date, or seems to be old and stale, potential clients will pass you over in favour of a website that looks well kept and current.

In the worst cases if contact details are not up to date they may, on not getting a response from you, assume you are no longer in business.

Worst offenders are:-
  1. Articles which are obviously out of date, mentioning forthcoming events which are now in the past. (this can be acceptable if it's obvious the article is in itself part of a news stream which does have current information)
  2. Old fashioned appearance. Fashions do change for website design and layouts, what was fashionable 3 years ago may well be glaringly out of sync with your competitors sites now. People are fickle and will be familiar with what a modern site looks like even if they claim not to be. If your site looks "old fashioned" to them it will give a bad impression.
  3. Events lists which show events months in the past, no-one is obviously maintaining the list and removing old information. At the very least this means clients are frustrated by having to scroll through old events to get to the present ones.
  4. Links to websites which no longer exist. Again this looks untidy and shows no-one is caring for your site, it can give the impression no-one is caring about your company either.
  5. Out of date contacts, this is not always immediately obvious to a potential client, but if they email "Bob" only to find out "Bob" left your company months ago it looks unprofessional.

A TempleDene website can easily be kept up to date, the events guide for example automatically only displays current and future dates, older events drop off the list and are removed.

Every page can have a "last modified" date which reassures people you are keeping your information current.

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