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Getting the drinks in!

You must have done it, got the round in for your mates, stop and think about how you did it. You go up to the bar, order and pay for all the drinks, then bring them back to the table in as few trips as possible.

Imagine if, instead, you went up to the bar, ordered one drink, brought it back, then went back to the bar for the next one, ordered and paid for it, brought it back, and so on until you have everyone's drinks? It would take a lot longer wouldn't it?

Speed matters, Google DOES penalise slow websites in the search rankings over faster ones! Remember, what seems fast to you is probably considered slow to Google, they consider how your site would behave on a slow connection

This is why the TempleDene Content Management system continually beats other systems in comparative speed tests, often 10 times faster or more! Our system builds your web page on the web server first, and then sends it to your computer in as few bits as it can. It gets the round in.

You will have seen other websites building a page bit by bit, especially if you are on a slow connection. An obvious sign is when pages jump around as they form on your computer. This is usually caused by designers not understanding the technical side well enough to "get the drinks in", so are in effect "going back to the bar" multiple times to fetch different parts of the site.

While they are still waiting at the bar to buy the second drink, a TempleDene website is sat back down relaxing with a pint, job done.

Talk to us now about speeding up your website by switching to TempleDene Consultants!

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