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Simon on the Streets - 2016

Peter and Simon

Today is the Day
Well this is it, today I will be going down to the tilt yard at the Royal Armouries in Leeds to take part in the Simon on the Streets rough sleep.
Posters going up
Poster up in Cielo - Crossgates
Local churches in Newman Parish are getting posters
All 3 churches of Newman Parish are getting posters.
Was this a mistake?
Peter is realising just how much he hates being cold!
Simon on the Streets - sleeping rough for charity
After taking the big step and registering, I'm already wondering if I have let myself in for more than I can handle!
On the 29th of September 2016 Peter Freeman, owner of TempleDene, took part in an event called "Sleep With Simon" to help raise money towards the charity "Simon on the Streets".

Simon on the Streets is a local charity based in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield which works independently alongside the homeless and vulnerable in our society.

Peter completed the "rough sleep", on the 29th of September in the tilt yard next to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, with just a sleeping bag for warmth and cardboard for a mattress.

Simon on the Streets Logo

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