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Would you prefer a nice game of chess?

Chess, an ancient game.


Did you know there's a little "easter egg" game of chess in facebook, not an app, but built in to messenger, both the messenger app and browser based. It's rather fun

In a facebook chat session type

@fbchess play

 facebook game image

Each piece is represented by its first letter except the Knight which is N (as K is the King)

You move by sending a message with the piece and new co-ordinates so if you want to move a pawn to square e3 you do

@fbchess Pe3

There's online help available, type

@fbchess help

Hope you enjoy it. I'm terrible at chess, but I'll give anyone a game if they want.

Posted by Peter on Thu 8th Sep 2016 10:04:08
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Last Modified on Thu 8th Sep 2016 10:26:33

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