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What is a blog?

A blog is a type of on-line journal or diary which is open to the world to read. You or anyone who you grant permission to on you site, can have their own blog where they can talk about whatever they would like.

People blog about personal things, or up coming stock which they would like to inform people of. I use my blog on this site to inform people of how development of new features is progressing, or of new features I have introduced to the system. I also blog about new sites that I have created and showcase them.

Really, the number of ways you can use a blog is limited only by your imagination.

Why bother blogging

Blogs are useful as they give you a quick ad easy way to add content to your site, the more words on your site, the more there is to index.

Search engines like sites that change, having a blog panel like there is on my front page, means you can ensure there are changes to your site as often as you like.

Successful blogs also attract comments (future feature) from customers and visitors to your website, user generated comments of this sort again increase the word count on your site and give the search engines more to go at.

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