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Accessibility Guidelines

We work to strict accessibility guidelines, mainly this is to ensure the maximum number of people can access and enjoy a TempleDene website. However there are also legal implications, a site that is difficult or impossible to use for the blind or partially sighted, or people with other accessibility problems could realistically lead to lawsuits. We strive to ensure our sites conform to the best guidelines available.

XHTML 1.0 (strict)

By adhering to this standard we know that the website should work well in any browser now or in the future. Admittedly certain browsers that do not quite manage to work to the W3C standard, but these are improving with each new version.

Cross Browser compatibility

Each browser works in a slightly different way, we design websites to work with the Opera web browser, arguably the most correct for standards, then apply tweaks to the site to ensure it works across all browsers and all platforms.

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