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Easy Content Management

Easy Content Management is here. We specialise in high quality websites that are built using our own custom written Content Management System (CMS). This CMS includes many features designed to work together to produce a polished and consistent website. Our own website uses this system and can be taken as a working example of our product. If you would like full content control over your website and to be able to easily update it yourself, our system will give you this power.

Managed Websites

Let us do all the work, tell us what needs changing and where then sit back as we handle it. All updates are covered by your annual fee, which includes website hosting and setup of as many email addresses as you want.

Features Available

With many features already built and more to follow your site is flexible and powerful:-
  • Event Guide
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Link Manager
  • Guest book
  • Spambot Proof Mailforms
and more. For more detail on features visit the features page.

Website Design

We design your website for you to your specifications, leaving you to concentrate on writing good quality content (we can assist with this) and building your business. No more struggling with configuration files, templates and obscure database management. This becomes invisible to you with our simple website management panel.

Demo Site

If you want to see how easy our system is to use, contact us and we can set up a demo site for you to experiment with. (This demo expires after one month). Just contact us by email.


We also license our CMS to web designers, who will find it easier to use than systems such as Joomla and Mambo. There are only three files to edit - the header, footer and style sheet. Images can be uploaded through our image management system.

Future Development

Our CMS is constantly under development, constantly improving. If it doesn't have a facility that you need, we will willingly listen to feedback and add new features that will enhance our system.

Feel free to browse around, and if you have any questions just ask away. We will do our best to answer you within 24 hours.

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