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The Website Design Process

This is what you can expect to happen when you take out a contract with TempleDene

Fact Finding

We will need to ask you a few questions about exactly what you need your website to do and what you expect. This can get technical, but don't worry, we know how to use language and examples to make it easy to understand. We will at this point agree the best package or special quote for you annual fee. We also take your deposit now.

Design Exploration

We will work with you to identify existing designs you like, and colour schemes, if you have a logo and premises we can work around that. Often existing branding and colour schemes in your premises can be inspirational.

If you require branding we will ask for ideas of what you want, the more detail you can give us the faster we can arrive at a mutually agreeable design and logo.

At this stage we will also be asking you to start doing the parts only you can do, writing the words and supplying the pictures about your business, yourself, and any special information you are going to want to tell everyone about on your website.

Draft Designs

We will produce draft designs for you and then modify and re-work them until you are happy with the look of your website.

Converting the draft into your website.

With the design finalised, we now transfer the design to your new website and begin filling the site with the content you have written. Because the design is separate from the content we can actually add words and pictures before the design is complete, so please feel free to send us material as soon as you have it.

Balance Invoice

Our invoice for the rest of the first years balance should be arriving about now, even if you haven't supplied us with all the words and pictures. Don't worry though, we will still continue to add content we get after this point as part of our ongoing support.

Ongoing Support

Now the important part:-
Once your website is published, we keep in contact and make sure any updates about your business, special offers, latest news etc. are updated to the website as and when you need to have it changed.

We also update the underlying system that runs your website whenever there are changes to it, this is necessary to ensure your website stays in tip top shape. Website technology and standards change and evolve, and we make sure your website stays up to date with technology.

Most importantly, if we haven't heard from you for a while we will actively contact you as we completely understand how running a busy business can make your website slip your mind. No extra charge is incurred for any changes within the contract terms.

Second and subsequent years

We continue to make changes to your website as and when you require them, and contacting you as before on a regular basis.

After three years we will review the design with you and see if it needs freshening up, fashions in website design change and we may, between us, decide the site needs a makeover. If this is the case this is still included in your annual fee, no extra charge is incurred.

You will be invoiced on the anniversary of your website for the next years support and maintenance, this will be the same amount as the first year.

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