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Why we charge an annual fee

We've been in the business for a long time, and realised that clients often needed little changes to their websites, or updates to their content management system, or other administrative tasks performing for them.

Each of these "little jobs" took a varying, but usually small, amount of chargeable time. This caused an added administrative overhead, for both us and our clients, of managing many invoices for varying amounts. We also realised that sometimes our clients avoided asking for changes in case the invoice was for more than they expected.

These multiple chargeable tasks added up over the year to quite a sum, and we decided it would be easier for both our clients and ourselves, to work out how much on average, a client would spend on change and administration fees over a year, and roll it all up into a single annual fee that covered everything.

We looked at this holistically, and decided that the big initial design and set-up charge might as well be removed, and that cost should be absorbed into the single annual fee. Because we spread the design and setup cost out like this, we also do not charge for complete site makeovers.

This presented a small risk to us that a client might leave before the initial set-up and design costs were paid off, but we decided we were confident in our ability to provide a good service that this was worth the risk. To date the only reason we have lost clients is due to retirement or closure of business, we have never had someone leave as they were unhappy with our service.

The single annual fee was born, and our clients love it, they no longer have to worry that a change they need will hit them with an extra cost, they simply ask, and we do.

The only time your annual fee will change is if you wish to add functionality to your website, for example, if you start off with an information or "brochure" website, then decided to add e-commerce facilities or events diaries, at which point, we will negotiate a new fixed fee and carry on providing you with the service you expect.

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