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About Us

TempleDene Consultants is a sole trader/family business working from a home office in Leeds. We offer beautifully designed websites with our powerful yet easy to use content management system.

In 2009 we decided the way forward was to lose the old, confusing, business model, favoured by so many website companies. Traditional you would pay a large upfront "creation, design and setup" fee and then be charged separately for hosting, email services and each and every update and content change, and move to a "website as a service" model.

We rolled all the various fees and charges, including the "creation, design and setup" fee, into one flat rate annual fee which is calculated based on how many hours we anticipate we will work on your website averaged over the average lifespan of a website.

It cuts out the worry we have heard so many times, that clients don't know, from edit to edit, how much their website designer might charge. We also find that as we pro-actively contact clients about their website, they often mention news or promotions that they had meant to pass to us for the website, but which had slipped their minds.
We supply the whole package, domain registration, hosting, design and managing of your website. Your annual contract with us includes any and all updates to the content of your website.

We also do minor graphical changes where applicable, but do reserve the right to charge a fee for this if we consider the work to be extensive.

We are a member of the UK Web Design Association

The Team

Peter Freeman - Owner

PeterPeter has worked in IT since 1990 and has a wealth of experience in a variety of roles, mainly in programming, but including computer security analysis and server support for major telecoms companies.

Most recently he was managing the IT Dept. of a major chain of Opticians. He has been designing and managing websites since 1999.

He set up TempleDene Consultants to give him more flexible time to spend with his family and especially his children.

Joshua Freeman - Owner

Joshua is currently at college studying, he works for TempleDene part time in between his studies. His background in art and design brings news aspects and ideas to the designs we produce.

Joshua also assists with marketing and helps run Beading Lovely, the jewellery supplies business we set up to run alongside TempleDene Consultants.

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