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The information we gather

We gather the following information about users of the TempleDene Consultants website in two ways, directly and indirectly:-

Personal Information - directly collected

Personal information is collected

  1. When someone registers as a member of the TempleDene Consultants website. This information includes:-

    Your Name
    Your E-Mail Address
    Your chosen nickname for use on the site
    Your Password
    Account Information

    Additionally the website links your name to articles and comments, and entries in the discussion forums.
  2. Personal information can also be gathered when people sign the guest book, this includes.

    E-Mail Address
    Web Site

    And the information they write about themselves in the guest book.

Personal information like this is ONLY used for the purpose of verifying members of the site and sending requested alerts or occasionally important notices to our customers. This information will NEVER be supplied to third parties, and TempleDene Consultants make every effort to keep such information secure.

Tracking Information - indirectly collected

Tracking information is gathered indirectly when you access the TempleDene Consultants website. This information is automatically gathered and does not include personal information about you.

Tracking information is gathered using the server logs which are then used to track some or all of the following:-

The pages visited.
Where visitors have come from.
What kind of browser they where using.
The referring page if a link was followed.
The terms used to find TempleDene Consultants from a search engine.
Errors generated by people using the site

This information is useful to the TempleDene Consultants website administrators as it helps us to understand where the site can be improved, which areas are popular, and which areas perhaps can be removed or need changing.

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