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We made a Shakespearean Insult Generator

We made a Shakespearean Insult Generator

Things are a little slow in COVID-19 lockdown, although we are still open for new clients and old.

This morning we put together a simple Shakespearean Insult Generator just for fun.

Play with it here.

Shakespearean Insult Generator

Posted by Peter on Wed 27th May 2020 12:03:39
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Jayden K Smith hoax message

Jayden K Smith hoax message

Currently people are sharing along a message that you shouldn't accept a friend request from a Jayden K Smith, as he will immediately and magically hack your facebook.

The message goes something like this:-

Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that all your friends know it.

This is of course, a hoax. You can't be hacked that easily. You will find more information about the hoax in lots of other places so I'm not repeating it here.

But Why Do They Start?

But why do these messages keep popping up over and over again with different names?

I strongly suspect there is a genuine Jayden K Smith somewhere, who is the victim of a cyber bullying campaign, of which this message is a small part. Imagine you were that person, and a message like this went viral about you!

By spreading the message, you are, in a very small way, helping the bullies. It's probably the same with every version you see that has different names.

Please don't help the bullies.

Posted by Peter on Sun 9th Jul 2017 21:58:01
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What is Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design

responsive design image, 4 devices, same website on eachIt's a term we've all heard, these days website have to have "Responsive Design" but what is it exactly?

A responsive website, simply put, responds to the size of the screen or window they are displayed in, in particular for smartphones or tablets.

In more technical terms, the website actually has a number of sets of instructions, or responses, which the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) can choose to use depending on what size the viewable window is. It's really the browser responding to the instructions from the website in a different way, depending on what the browser knows about how much space it has to display the website.

This is done by using a stylesheet, which has separate sets of instructions for different widths of display area, usually just two but sometimes more.

The stylesheet is able to for example, move parts of the website about, or even remove parts that are not required on a mobile device. It can replace one part of a website suited for a larger screen with another part that is better viewed on a smaller screen. For example you might want to have a smaller version of your company logo so on a mobile device it loads faster and still looks good.

Why is this important?

More and more these days people are accessing websites via either a smartphone or tablet. In fact it's now more likely someone will view your website on such a device than a "proper" computer or laptop. Your traditional website, designed to be displayed on a nice big screen, will look very bad on these devices.

By using a responsive design that offers alternative layouts and font sizes you can ensure that your site is readable and pleasant to use no matter what people are looking at it on.

Why responsive design?

There are other ways to achieve this, a technique called "browser sniffing" can try to work out if you are using a mobile device, and what sort of screen size to display for, this however requires keeping a reasonably up to date list of devices, something that is prone to errors and mistakes.

Another way is to design your website for mobile devices first, then just hope people don't mind it looking a bit "large" on their computers. I wouldn't recommend this however.

Responsive design easily beats both these techniques by offering the browser a choice of layouts that the browser can the select from, it keeps you very much in control of the user experience of your website for what is really very little extra work on the part of your web designer.

Posted by Peter on Thu 6th Jul 2017 08:06:20
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Is your website trustworthy?

Is your website trustworthy?

Much has been written about what makes a website secure, but what makes visitors to your website trust it? And does your website come up to scratch?

This has been researched over many years, and the conclusion is that there are 4 main things that affect how much someone trusts your website.

Design quality

Design quality matters, your website must look professional and suitable to your business, for example a lawyers firm or accounts may well want to project a sober and serious look, whereas a nursery school will want to look bright and fun. Try and avoid flashy gimmicks, especially if they slow your site down, as once people get over the "wow" factor they will want to get to the content quickly. Choose a colour scheme that reflects your industry.

The layout and organisation of your website must be clear, so people can find what they want quickly, avoid gimmicky menu headings and unusual navigation ideas, people will quickly get frustrated if they can't find the information they want, and your competitor is only the next item down the list on google! This may sound obvious, but you often see menu headings with "quirky" names that don't clearly identify the content beneath.

Typos, broken links and other mistakes on your website quickly degrade trustworthiness, people notice, more than you realise. Mistakes on what is often peoples first impression of your business will quickly make them wonder if the rest of your business practices will lack such attention to detail.

Up-front disclosure

Prices: Be as upfront as possible with your visitors, especially with pricing. It's surprisingly well ingrained that "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it" and if customers feel they have to talk to a "pushy salesman" just to get a quote they will start to feel uneasy. This goes for corporate customers as well as sales to the public.

If your business is one where pricing has to be "on quote" for every job, at least try to have example prices for sample jobs so people get a feel for your pricing. I design websites, and have a range of "Standard" packages which I display the prices of clearly, however I do note that if your website will fall outside the "standard" you may need a quote. A builder may have sample prices for an average loft conversion, with a few pictures.

Contact Details: Be as upfront as possible with contact information as well, small businesses are often "work from home" types of things, so if you don't want people knocking at your door make it clear you cannot accept visitors but do have an address people can write to, people put a lot of trust in letters even these days. At the very least get a PO Box.

Make sure that as well as email, people have a way of ringing you. If you have some good reason not to be able to take calls, make that reason clear.

Asking for information: Do you sometimes come across a website that asks for some information from you before they will show you anything? It's less common, but asking for any personal information too quickly can degrade trust. People are uneasy with handing over any sort of contact details until they are confident who they are dealing with.

If your business is geographically dependant, then offer a way of entering location details but don't block the rest of your site until you have that!

Comprehensive and current content

Information, Information, Information: Make sure you have a wide range of information on everything you do, for example if you are an electrician who works with businesses and home owners, don't fall into the temptation of concentrating on one aspect over the other. People in the neglected category will simply go back to google and click the next link down.

As an example, an estate agent recently lost business as they focussed mainly on business lettings, and my friend was selling their house. Already worried after looking at the website she asked them round for a valuation. I'm certain that websites first impression helped make her feel that home sales was a sideline the business didn't take terribly seriously no matter how hard the agent tried to convince her otherwise.

But remember, organise that information well, don't have long pages of text, break it up, preferably into an introductory page with more comprehensive and detailed secondary pages, people may not read the details, but they will feel more confident of you when they see it's there.

Current Content: You'd be surprised how many people will start to lose faith in a website that doesn't seem to be being kept up to date, make sure you have at least got something like a "last modified date" on each page, and if you deal with something which changes regularly, for example taxes, make sure you always have the most recent details up there.

A very quick way to do this is to maintain a "blog" or on-line journal, in which you can detail latest offers, business changes and so on. Once again, people may not always read about how you have just employed Bob at your building company, but the fact you have that new information helps make them trust your website is up to date.

What can be a real turn off is when your website is so out of date people start to wonder if you are still in business, and that can quickly lead to them going back to google and on to the next item in the search results.

Connection to the rest of the web

Your website should not exist in isolation, this is after all the "world wide" web. Perhaps facebook and twitter are not your style, but do try and have some sort of presence on at least facebook. Make sure your physical location, if you have one, is owned by you on google maps. One you have that you will find people like to leave reviews if they like your business. Do keep up with these though, deal openly with complaints and show you are trustworthy.

More and more people are making decisions based on what other sources of information they can find about you, they look for reviews, comments and recommendations, a sort of virtual "word of mouth"

In summary

These 4 aspects of your website all contribute to peoples feeling of trustworthiness when they visit your site. They were first identified in research done in 1999 and current research show that they are still the 4 things that matter. It doesn't look like that's going to change in a hurry.

Posted by Peter on Tue 9th May 2017 10:54:13
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A Parish Magazine transcribed to their website.

A Parish Magazine transcribed to their website.

An example of the sort of work we produce. On a local church Parish website we publish each issue of their Parish Magazine to their website.

We are given the PDF copy of the magazine and carefully copy and paste both text and images from that into our content management system (CMS).

We do this to maintain the professional and consistent look of the website. We feel this is better than suddenly dumping people into a different medium by embedding the PDF. Judging by plenty of research lots of people really don't like suddenly having to cope with navigating a PDF when they expect a web page.

Because of the way our system works it is very simple for us to publish the introductory page of the magazine, and then have a list of all the articles available down the right hand side.

Newman Parish - Parish Magazine

Posted by Peter on Sat 22nd Apr 2017 10:05:54
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Ever wanted to see inside an active volcano?

Ever wanted to see inside an active volcano?

Google Maps street view can now take you inside the Marum Crater, in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu.

Two intrepid explorers Geoff Mackley and Chris Horsley, rappelled 400 meters into the Marum crater with a "Street View Trekker" to collect 360-degree images of the molten lava lake.

You can see the images they took, in typical street view style, by clicking through the link below, it's worth moving around a bit, and look up, it's quite breath taking and gives you an idea of how dangerous this expedition must have been.


Posted by Peter on Mon 10th Apr 2017 00:35:41
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Would you prefer a nice game of chess?

Would you prefer a nice game of chess?

Chess, an ancient game.


Did you know there's a little "easter egg" game of chess in facebook, not an app, but built in to messenger, both the messenger app and browser based. It's rather fun

In a facebook chat session type

@fbchess play

 facebook game image

Each piece is represented by its first letter except the Knight which is N (as K is the King)

You move by sending a message with the piece and new co-ordinates so if you want to move a pawn to square e3 you do

@fbchess Pe3

There's online help available, type

@fbchess help

Hope you enjoy it. I'm terrible at chess, but I'll give anyone a game if they want.

Posted by Peter on Thu 8th Sep 2016 10:04:08
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GoToMyPC recommend password change.

GoToMyPC recommend password change.

Details are hazy at the moment, but the company are recommending that people change their passwords now.

This follows on from the hack on teamviewer, so it seems criminals have found a new and lucrative target.

Security advisory from GoToMyPC

The Register doesn't really have more details either.for more information

Posted by Peter on Mon 20th Jun 2016 09:33:05
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New article from TempleDene

New article from TempleDene

After a bit of a hiatus, I hope to be writing a few articles for this website. Family Friendly Working is packed full of articles to help small business owners who are trying to juggle work and family life.

Today I wrote a few tips on how to make google love your website.

Of course you can guarantee we do all of this and more.

Does Google love your website?

Posted by Peter on Mon 8th Feb 2016 09:14:10
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Getting the drinks in!

Getting the drinks in!

You must have done it, got the round in for your mates, stop and think about how you did it. You go up to the bar, order and pay for all the drinks, then bring them back to the table in as few trips as possible.

Imagine if, instead, you went up to the bar, ordered one drink, brought it back, then went back to the bar for the next one, ordered and paid for it, brought it back, and so on until you have everyone's drinks? It would take a lot longer wouldn't it?

Speed matters, Google DOES penalise slow websites in the search rankings over faster ones! Remember, what seems fast to you is probably considered slow to Google, they consider how your site would behave on a slow connection

This is why the TempleDene Content Management system continually beats other systems in comparative speed tests, often 10 times faster or more! Our system builds your web page on the web server first, and then sends it to your computer in as few bits as it can. It gets the round in.

You will have seen other websites building a page bit by bit, especially if you are on a slow connection. An obvious sign is when pages jump around as they form on your computer. This is usually caused by designers not understanding the technical side well enough to "get the drinks in", so are in effect "going back to the bar" multiple times to fetch different parts of the site.

While they are still waiting at the bar to buy the second drink, a TempleDene website is sat back down relaxing with a pint, job done.

Talk to us now about speeding up your website by switching to TempleDene Consultants!

Contact Us Now!
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Please let us know how you found us.

Posted by Peter on Wed 27th Jan 2016 13:15:28
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The three faces of facebook

The three faces of facebook

What seems to confuse most people, is the fact that there are three basic entities you can create on facebook. Each one has their own specific role and rules. They are:-

1. Profiles

Profiles are for people, actual humans, they should be personal. You are not allowed to have one set up to be a business.

You can use a profile to mention your business, but it cannot appear to be a business.

If you have a personal profile, and post occasional links about your business this is fine. So is mentioning or sharing special offers, promotions and so on.

Having a personal profile as "TempleDene Consultants" is not allowed. A personal profile like this can be removed or converted to a "page" without notice.

It may seem safe, as you might think a profile converted to a page doesn't sound too bad. If that happens though, you don't get a proper page, you get something that misses a lot of page features.

You might also think, "well I'll set up a page later, and get everyone to move across to it". Wrong, you will lose around 50% of the profiles "friends" who never see the messages to move or don't bother.

2. Pages

Pages are for businesses, You can put them into specific categories to help people find you. For example the TempleDene Consultants page is in the category for Web Design.

One advantage of a business page is that you can assign management roles to other people. This allows them to post on behalf of a business as if they were that business. You can have several people set up in different roles.

You should have someone you trust who is also a page admin. If your profile gets hacked or lost, they can reinstate any new profile you set up as an admin to your business page.

3. Groups

Facebook groups are communities, they are useful for bringing together people with similar interests.

You could build a group around your business. For example a group for beer lovers if you are a brewery, or a group for craft lovers if you sell craft supplies and so on.

The original creator of a group always keeps control as long as they remain in it. That is unless you quit the group or get yourself banned from facebook. You can set up other people as an admin of the group, and they can do everything you can.

But the best way to use groups is to join ones that let you promote your business to others. Just remember that it's best to become a recognisable name in that group by joining in. If you dive in promoting your business too much straight away it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Posted by Peter on Wed 13th Jan 2016 11:59:40
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Some thoughts about the Ashley Madison hack

Some thoughts about the Ashley Madison hack

As many of you will be aware, the Ashley Madison website that was supposed to be used to "cheat on your spouse" was hacked some time ago and the hackers threatened to release the data they stole.

There are a few points I think people should keep in mind:-

1. There are a lot of websites out there claiming they have copies of the data, be careful, many of them may be traps to try and infect your computer with malware, spyware or viruses (yes even on Macs)

2. Similarly, some will just be opportunist, what better way to harvest thousands of real live email addresses and other details than to ask people to submit them to a search function. Suspicious spouses may be inadvertently handing over details of their loved ones to spammers.

3. Ashley Madison did not require you to verify your email address when you registered (they didn't send one of those "click to confirm" emails many sites do) which leaves the website open for people to create fake accounts, or worse, fake accounts in real peoples names. (jilted ex's, malicious enemies or pranksters could have set up accounts in other peoples names for revenge or bullying)

4. It seems people are offering to remove you from the database for a small fee (payable by bitcoin) Even if this were a genuine offer the data has been copied so many times the deal is pointless. It's almost certainly just a scam.

5. More worryingly, people on the leaked database are being contacted with threats of blackmail. If you are contacted like this please contact your local police immediately, being in the database is not illegal, but blackmail most certainly is.

I realise peoples desire to see if someone they know was on the site might be very tempting to some, but by doing so you could leave yourself open to attack, hand over personal details unwittingly to spammers or indeed, falsely accuse someone whose details were used to create a fake account.

Posted by Peter on Mon 24th Aug 2015 21:22:41
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If you don't have time to update your website.

If you don't have time to update your website.

The most common complaint we hear from businesses is "I just don't have time to keep my website up to date"

That's understandable, with "traditional " website design companies, they build your website then if you need any changes you either have to do it yourself, using whichever content management system they gave you, or you have to negotiate how much it will cost you to have them update it for you. Or worst case, they are too busy, or you got it done "free" and they don't do websites any more, then you have to find another website designer to make the changes, and negotiate with them how much it will cost.

With a TempleDene website, just let us know what changes you want, email us, or grab us on facebook, or even just pick up the phone and ring us, and your annual contract covers all changes to the content of your site with no hidden extra fees.

It makes sense, one flat rate covers everything.

And of course, you will have our powerful content management system, as standard, controlling your website. If you want to change things yourself, it's as easy as posting on facebook or twitter.

Contact Us Now!
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Some details of what you will need for your website.
Please let us know how you found us.

Posted by Peter on Mon 1st Jun 2015 00:06:07
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Wordpress Problems (again)

Wordpress Problems (again)

Yet another bug has hit wordpress sites world wide, This one gives away your usernames and passwords.

As always, the techies at wordpress have fixed it. BUT THE FIX MUST BE APPLIED to your website.


If you are running wordpress and you, or your website designer, does not apply the fix, your website remains vulnerable. Does your contract with your website designer include updates? If a problem like this occurs are you confident it will be fixed?


TempleDene Consultants ensure all our customers are using the latest version of the TempleDene CMS, It's part of your annual fee. This is mainly so that new features are available across all sites, but also so that if any bugs are discovered, they will get fixed and your website will be updated, as soon as possible.

We also don't create wordpress websites, we consider our system to be just as good, or better, and easier to use.

Contact us now for a free quote.

Contact Us Now!
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Your Email Address
Some details of what you will need for your website.
Please let us know how you found us.

Posted by Peter on Mon 11th May 2015 10:23:13
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HTML 5 comes to the TempleDene CMS

HTML 5 comes to the TempleDene CMS

We resisted switching to HTML 5 until now as we felt that the standard wasn't mature, but now we've taken the plunge and transformed the TempleDene CMS from XHTML 1.0 (strict) to HTML 5.

Check it out, we get a clean bill of health from the W3C Validator

All client sites will be migrated across over the next fortnight.

This will allow TempleDene sites to get a range of new and exciting features in the future, and ensures we "future proof" all our current websites as well.

Features like an audio player that's flash free, these 2 featuring a music quiz we created 5 years ago.

Part 1

Part 2

Or this old training video we made 5 years ago

Posted by Peter on Tue 14th Apr 2015 17:16:35
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TempleDene on Family Friendly Working

TempleDene on Family Friendly Working

We are pleased to announce we have been featured on the Family Friendly Working website. A mini interview of sorts.

TempleDene is a firm supporter of family friendly working, our staff work their hours around what is suitable for their families needs.

You can read the article on the Family Friendly Working Blog

Posted by Peter on Mon 21st Jul 2014 08:30:49
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eBay passwords should be changed

eBay passwords should be changed

Because of a major security breach, all eBay users are being asked to change their passwords. We recommend you should be doing this as soon as possible.

For more details here is the BBC story about the issue.


With regards to the eBay situation.

Click links in emails to go to change your password, spammers are already exploiting this with phishing emails.

Type in the ebay URL manually in your browser address bar

And importantly, even though eBay owns paypal, paypal is not affected, whatever that nice phishing email mail might say

Posted by Peter on Wed 21st May 2014 13:59:08
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Email Virus Warning

Email Virus Warning

Received a NASTY spam email this morning, all neatly done to look like it came from nice.org.uk.(National Institute for health and Care Excellence)

Apparently my blood tests are back and I have cancer!
As usual the English of the email was poor, it was addressed to my email address rather than my name (e.g. Dear Sales@templedene.co.uk rather than Dear Mr Freeman ) and the attachment carries a nasty payload in the attached zipped file.

On the NICE website is this warning

Spam warning: 13 March 2014

NICE is aware that a spam email is being sent to members of the public regarding cancer test results. Please be assured that this email is not from NICE and we are currently investigating its origin.

If you have received the email, do not open the attachments.

Updates will be made on the website during the day and also via Twitter: @NICEComms

We don't often publish virus warnings, it would fill up this page rather rapidly if we did, but this one is particularly nasty. It could easily catch out scared and vulnerable people waiting for their blood test results.

Posted by Peter on Thu 13th Mar 2014 11:19:57
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Random Articles and Random Links

Random Articles and Random Links

Sometimes it's nice to be random, for example if you have a lot of articles in your archives, being able to add a varied selection of them to a page on your website. This will mean regular visitors won't just be seeing your most recent work but also a selection of older articles. They will be drawn into your archives and will stay longer and learn more about your business.

Random Links

GTmetrix Visited 2 Times
A very useful website speed test, this site also provides minified versons of your javascript and css files for your use. It also provides web optimised graphics you can use. However the test server is in Canada, so the results you get for UK sites is affected by this.

Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance - Google Visited 0 Times
Perform a mobile website speed test with the Test My Site tool and receive recommendations for improving website performance across all devices.

Pingdom Website Speed Test Visited 5 Times
My Favourite website speed test, remember that to get useful comparisons for UK websites you should always select "Europe - United Kingdom - London" to test from.

Measure  |  web.dev Visited 2 Times
A google site where you can review performance for your website, and get detailed guidance on how to improve it. Make a profile to save your progress.

www.way2paye.co.uk Visited 301 Times
Friendly and Professional Payroll Service

Random Links

Our link manager system can now place a random selection of links from your links database on any page. This stops the usual "Top 10 links" ending up being artificially reinforced by the list itself, and biased.

Now in our admin panel when you (or us with managed websites) create a list of articles or links the system offers the option of "Random Select".

As an example, the boxout on this page shows 5 random links from our links page, simply hit the refresh button of your browser to see how it automatically generates a fresh selection of links each time.

For more details contact TempleDene.

Posted by Peter on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 00:00:32
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Speed Matters, Google is penalising slow websites

Speed Matters, Google is penalising slow websites

These days your website can't just look good, it has to perform.

This was always the case, it was estimated 99% of people would click away from your site if it took more than 4 seconds to load, but now google are taking website loading speed into account.

TempleDene websites are designed to be fast, just look at our results in the three best website speed test on the web.

Google Page Speed Insights

We optimise every website we create, you can be sure your site will be fast to load.

Never lose a potential client again simply because your website loads slowly.

Contact us at TempleDene now for a free, no obligation quote.

Tel : 07977 023190
Email : pete@templedene.co.uk

Posted by Peter on Wed 19th Jun 2013 14:25:02
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Thinking through user friendliness.

Thinking through user friendliness.

I'm not going to name and shame, it's never good.

However, I came across a website today which required me to enter a website address as part of the form, I typed in


And pressed the submit button.

The website thought for a minute then proudly told it me had spotted an error, it required that a website should always start with http:// and would I please correct my mistake.

It would be just as easy for them to fix by adding the "http://" to the beginning of the text I'd entered as it was to display the error message, and far more user friendly. Why not take the user friendly route?

Posted by Peter on Thu 25th Apr 2013 20:03:48
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A quick thought on image ALT tags.

A quick thought on image ALT tags.

Think of them as twitter posts, they shouldn't be too long, but should sum up the picture they are attached to.

Well written alt tags along with a relevant image name mean your images will appear high in search results for similar searches, increasing traffic to your site.

If someone is searching for that subject, they are looking for someone like you, so that increases your chance of being found and that person buying from you.

Posted by Peter on Mon 17th Dec 2012 21:19:04
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New Business Cards

New Business Cards

Just ordered my new business cards to go with the re-design.

Front of Card
Back of Card

Posted by Peter on Sun 9th Sep 2012 16:19:46
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Empty Tables

Empty Tables

Ever noticed how a quiet restaurant will try and seat you near the front or in the window? There's a good reason for that, a restaurant which looks empty will be passed over by people looking for somewhere to eat. The theory goes, if no-one else is eating there the food can't be great.

In a similar way your website is like that restaurant, if the content on it isn't up to date, or seems to be old and stale, potential clients will pass you over in favour of a website that looks well kept and current.

In the worst cases if contact details are not up to date they may, on not getting a response from you, assume you are no longer in business.

Worst offenders are:-

  1. Articles which are obviously out of date, mentioning forthcoming events which are now in the past. (this can be acceptable if it's obvious the article is in itself part of a news stream which does have current information)
  2. Old fashioned appearance. Fashions do change for website design and layouts, what was fashionable 3 years ago may well be glaringly out of sync with your competitors sites now. People are fickle and will be familiar with what a modern site looks like even if they claim not to be. If your site looks "old fashioned" to them it will give a bad impression.
  3. Events lists which show events months in the past, no-one is obviously maintaining the list and removing old information. At the very least this means clients are frustrated by having to scroll through old events to get to the present ones.
  4. Links to websites which no longer exist. Again this looks untidy and shows no-one is caring for your site, it can give the impression no-one is caring about your company either.
  5. Out of date contacts, this is not always immediately obvious to a potential client, but if they email "Bob" only to find out "Bob" left your company months ago it looks unprofessional.

A TempleDene website can easily be kept up to date, the events guide for example automatically only displays current and future dates, older events drop off the list and are removed.

Every page can have a "last modified" date which reassures people you are keeping your information current.

For more information or a quote, contact us

Posted by Peter on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 19:43:47
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facebook email landgrab, why it really matters!

facebook email landgrab, why it really matters!

Recently facebook changed everyones contact email address from whatever you had set, to your facebook email address. Did you even know you had a facebook email address?

So in my case my contact email which was set to pete@templedene.co.uk was summarily changed without my permission to templedene@facebook.com

It's a simple matter to change it back, but the ramifications of this change are now starting to be noticed. Anyone who syncs their facebook contacts with their mobile for example, will now have in their mobile address book, your facebook email address. No-one will probably notice when they send you email, that it's now pointed at a different email address. Emails will go to that persons facebook account instead of the contact email you expect. If they are not regular facebook users that Important Mail may go unnoticed for days. Worse still, if it comes from an email address facebook doesn't recognise it goes into the messages box as "other" and does NOT notify them it's arrived.

Please share this and let everyone know they need to check their contact email address.

To do this go into your profile, find the "Contact Email" section and if needed, edit it and set your contact email to the one "YOU" want.

Posted by Peter on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 11:29:41
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Securing Passwords

Securing Passwords

How To : create secure passwords.


There's a rather cool password checker been released, you enter your password and it tells you how long a hacker would take to crack it. Try it with the examples in the article I wrote.



I've been asked numerous times the best way to create a secure password that is also easy to remember.

You can find an extensive article with a few hints and tips here.

Securing Passwords

Included is a PDF version of the article which you are free to print, copy and re-distribute as long as you do not change it or remove the attributions.
How To : create secure passwords.

Posted by Peter on Sat 9th Apr 2011 20:25:53
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The Shakinouts

The Shakinouts

In between working I have been listening to The Shakinouts, a 5 piece dirty pop band from Leeds comprising of guitars, drums, bass and keys and lots of voices.

Are you happy! by shakinouts

Posted by Peter on Tue 22nd Feb 2011 16:37:11
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The History of Internet Search

The History of Internet Search

I found this wonderful info graphic detailing the history of internet search engines. I thought it was worth sharing.

Image http://ppcblog.com/search-history/600.jpg http://ppcblog.com/search-history/600.jpg not foundSearch Engine History.

Infographic by the PPC Blog.com

Posted by Peter on Wed 4th Aug 2010 11:21:06
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Are you losing 2 in every 5 customers?

Are you losing 2 in every 5 customers?

You could be, if they visit your website and it only works in Internet Explorer (IE).

I wrote 18 months ago about how IE was losing market share, at the time it was 70% of the browser market, now it's down to less than 60%.

This means if your website doesn't work, or doesn't work well, in any browser apart from IE customers and clients will see you as un-professional and will most likely go back to google and pick the next website down the list.

Can you afford to lose them?

A website can easily be constructed in a way which means it works, in every browser, on every operating system, all the time.

Every site from TempleDene does, It's built into the system so you don't even have to worry about it.

It is no longer appropriate to look at your site in IE and ignore browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and the rest. Dismissing them as minority browsers means over 40% of people visiting your site are not seeing what you want them to see, or possibly not being able to see your website at all.

Posted by Peter on Wed 5th May 2010 13:05:23
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Announcing twitter integration straight from your TempleDene website

Announcing twitter integration straight from your TempleDene website

Post a blog entry and it is automatically sent straight to your twitter account.

The system obviously also generates a short URL to link back to the article.

The default is from http://is.gd

But you can set up a bit.ly account and configure it on the system and then it will use http://bit.ly instead.

We recommend users use bit.ly as with an account it keeps track of your shortened URLs and records stats for you.

More twitter features coming soon, and full facebook integration is next on the list!

Posted by Peter on Wed 17th Mar 2010 18:42:09
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