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Welcome to TempleDene Consultants, providing websites as a service.

We create websites for businesses. Small to large

But more than that, we help you keep your website fresh and up to date. As everyone knows, these days a good website needs current information and regular business updates. Modern websites are built on content management systems, which need maintenance.

We offer a complete package of design, administration and maintenance of your website all rolled up in to one easy to manage annual fee.

  • We don't charge extra for your site design
  • We don't charge extra for edits and corrections
  • We don't charge extra for changes
  • We don't charge extra for setting up email accounts
  • We don't charge extra for hosting
  • We don't charge extra for updating your system

Because you need

  • Great Design
  • Professional Service
  • Predictable Costs
  • Peace of Mind

All on a content management system that is

  • Fast
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fully compliant with web standards
  • Fully compliant with accessibility recommendations
  • Cross browser compatible.

In 2009 we decided the way forward was to lose the old business model, favoured by so many website companies, of a large upfront "creation design and setup" fee and then charging separately for hosting, email services and each and every update and content change, and move to a "website as a service" model.

We rolled all the various fees and charges, including the "creation, design and setup" fee, into one flat rate annual fee which is calculated based on how many hours we anticipate we will work on your website averaged over a number of years.

It cuts out the worry we have heard so many times, that clients don't know, from edit to edit, how much their website designer might charge. We also find that as we pro-actively contact clients about their website, they often mention news or promotions that they had meant to pass to us for the website, but which had slipped their minds.

Find out what we can do for you!

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Tel: 0113 350 4107
Email : sales@templedene.co.uk

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