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Christophers Fund

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Christopher's Fund

TempleDene Consultants are proud to be sponsors of www.christophersfund.org.uk.

The fund organiser, Sarah Palk, approached us to design a website for Christopher's Fund. Working in close consultation with our graphic design friends at www.daffodil-design.co.uk, we are very proud to launch the fund's new website.

Sarah Palk had this to say :-
I've had some great feedback on the site. People are really impressed with how good it looks, easy to navigate and totally professional. I have my fab webby type people to thank for that - Pete from TempleDene Consultants and Alison from Daffodil Design. They really are brilliant at what they do.


Pete has added a special You Tube link thingy so that I can link some of Katherine's performances from the last charity night for people to see.

Our policy of close customer support has allowed the site owner to quickly grasp how to use our Content Management System, which powers the recently launched website.


Notes to editors

TempleDene Consultants has a limited quarterly budget for charitable sites, and reviews applications with consideration to other work pending and financial considerations.

TempleDene Consultants is an innovative and pioneering UK web development company that markets content management systems using our own powerful yet simple to use Content Management System, we also do design work to both web and print.

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