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Ethical Design Policy

We work as much as possible to an Ethical Design Policy

This means we :-
  • Follow Usability Guidelines as far as is possible.
  • Ensure our sites are as accessible as possible for the blind and partially sighted.
  • Test our designs against 11 different tests for colour blind users. Covering :-
    1. deutanopia (red/green colour blindness; no green cones)
    2. tritanopia (blue/yellow colour blindness; no blue cones)
    3. atypical achromatopsia (low cone function; cone monochromat)
    4. protanomaly (anomalous red cones)
    5. deutanomaly (anomalous green cones)
    6. tritanomaly (anomalous blue cones)
      *the other tests are not specific to a type of colour blindness but are useful.
  • Test each site thoroughly for cross browser compatibility
  • Work to strict HTML and CSS standards

At TempleDene Consultants we believe that everyone has the right to be able to access the websites they choose to, without being limited by a disability such as visual impairment. It also means that without us following our ethical policy and complying with as many of the guidelines as possible your business could be missing out on many important potential customers. Customers who may otherwise find your website difficult to use or for whom some of the functionality may be lost by cross browser issues.

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