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facebook email landgrab, why it really matters!

Recently facebook changed everyones contact email address from whatever you had set, to your facebook email address. Did you even know you had a facebook email address?

So in my case my contact email which was set to pete@templedene.co.uk was summarily changed without my permission to templedene@facebook.com

It's a simple matter to change it back, but the ramifications of this change are now starting to be noticed. Anyone who syncs their facebook contacts with their mobile for example, will now have in their mobile address book, your facebook email address. No-one will probably notice when they send you email, that it's now pointed at a different email address. Emails will go to that persons facebook account instead of the contact email you expect. If they are not regular facebook users that Important Mail may go unnoticed for days. Worse still, if it comes from an email address facebook doesn't recognise it goes into the messages box as "other" and does NOT notify them it's arrived.

Please share this and let everyone know they need to check their contact email address.

To do this go into your profile, find the "Contact Email" section and if needed, edit it and set your contact email to the one "YOU" want.

Posted by Peter on Mon 2nd Jul 2012 11:29:41
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Last Modified on Sat 25th Aug 2012 20:27:31

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