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Wordpress Problems (again)

Yet another bug has hit wordpress sites world wide, This one gives away your usernames and passwords.

As always, the techies at wordpress have fixed it. BUT THE FIX MUST BE APPLIED to your website.


If you are running wordpress and you, or your website designer, does not apply the fix, your website remains vulnerable. Does your contract with your website designer include updates? If a problem like this occurs are you confident it will be fixed?


TempleDene Consultants ensure all our customers are using the latest version of the TempleDene CMS, It's part of your annual fee. This is mainly so that new features are available across all sites, but also so that if any bugs are discovered, they will get fixed and your website will be updated, as soon as possible.

We also don't create wordpress websites, we consider our system to be just as good, or better, and easier to use.

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Posted by Peter on Mon 11th May 2015 10:23:13
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