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If you don't have time to update your website.

The most common complaint we hear from businesses is "I just don't have time to keep my website up to date"

That's understandable, with "traditional " website design companies, they build your website then if you need any changes you either have to do it yourself, using whichever content management system they gave you, or you have to negotiate how much it will cost you to have them update it for you. Or worst case, they are too busy, or you got it done "free" and they don't do websites any more, then you have to find another website designer to make the changes, and negotiate with them how much it will cost.

With a TempleDene website, just let us know what changes you want, email us, or grab us on facebook, or even just pick up the phone and ring us, and your annual contract covers all changes to the content of your site with no hidden extra fees.

It makes sense, one flat rate covers everything.

And of course, you will have our powerful content management system, as standard, controlling your website. If you want to change things yourself, it's as easy as posting on facebook or twitter.

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